Only tell us, and many thanks for getting a proportion visitors!

Only tell us, and many thanks for getting a proportion visitors!

This certainly wona€™t getting my latest order with proportion, and since acquiring my earliest top, Ia€™m passionate to see that theya€™ve added a number of latest fabric solutions. We anticipate whata€™s to get to Ratio apparel.

Chino Pons and Grupo IrA©k

Posted: Tue, 19 Jun 2012 18:15:00 -0400

Around 5 years in the past, I 1st found Chino, Eddie, Hensy, and Tosso when they are element of a normal Cuban band called Conjunto Guantanamo. They performed on a regular basis at certainly my favorite pubs near my work in DUMBO.

Chino and I turned buddies shortly after, providing me personally some tips on anything from the clave, to western Village pizza pie joints and jam meeting, to looking for refuge during penniless occasions under the New york link (ideas considerably of use as opposed to others, but all memorable). By bringing in me to brand-new Yorka€™s wonderful Latin tunes scene, the guy helped pry opened an unexpected part of my entire life: as a passably decent recreational artist. Within my craziest days, I removed my personal violin out as much as five evenings weekly with some Cuban and salsa rings during the city and met a large number of amazing artists and performers, before fatigue swept up beside me and I realized i possibly couldna€™t accomplish that anymore while I still had per day work.

A terrific artist and spectacular performer from Cuba, he today leads their buddies in a musical organization called Grupo IrA©k, which for decades is now offering performed Saturday evenings in Carroll landscapes at a cafe or restaurant known as Pane elizabeth Vino. Ita€™s a great nights tunes that pulls numerous awesome dancers, and I also highly recommend it should you decidea€™re in the region and looking for one thing to create on Saturday night.

Performing a mix of originals, classic Salsa records from loves of HA©ctor Lavoe and RA?ben Blades, and Buena Vista Social nightclub criteria, they also gig from the Boom Boom place on top of the close impossibly swanky criterion lodge (Hensy, the bassist, recounted one invitees getting straight down $4,000 on a single bottles of champagne), and the classy Thoma€™s Bar in SoHo. I havena€™t viewed them perform at either of those places, but In my opinion Grupo IrA©k are at their finest with smooth-moving performers filling a floor before all of them, and not due to the fact background music to expensive martini drinking (though, Ia€™d wager the latter pays better).

I remember one concert perhaps four years back at Upper East part dance club Session 73 at among their Monday Salsa evenings. The band is completed together with the incomparable trombonist Reut Regev, and a pianist, with hardly enough space personally located behind the sound board to stand and await a solo, viewing a hundred outstanding, exceptional performers move like Ia€™d never seen earlier. Then again the coro hit their end, the musical organization walked straight back, and I gulped and stepped onward. Terrifying, fun, exhilarating, and memorable.

Incidentally, age afterwards, they seem much better than ever. Be sure to go check them out, since they are awesome!

Futzing All-around with Symbol Fonts and SVG

Published: Tue, 12 Jun 2012 17:50:00 -0400

Vector images are excellent They deserve a lot more of a location online than they have a€” undoubtedly in comparison to their particular rasterized cousins. Nowhere is this much more true than with icon UI. I decided to dip my feet into two biggest ways to delivering vectors to webpages: icon fonts, and SVG.

I wona€™t get continuously into details on either icon fonts or SVG, the former which has seen terrific coverage by the likes of CSS-Tricks and web design service Depot, together with second which has-been an internet traditional since 2001. Ia€™ll summarize aided by the regular gains of vector artwork: they are scalable and styleable, unlike raster images which should be replicated for almost any situation whether ita€™s a color or proportions change or both.

Making Use Of Symbol Fonts

Ia€™m utilizing symbol fonts for a few UI within my footer a€” the links to my personal RSS feed, my personal Twitter web page, and my personal Github repository because of this writings. There had been certain use situations that produced symbol fonts a great fit: especially, i desired to handle these with CSS-driven text-shadows and changes , like my plain-text website links. CSS is a terrifically convenient level from which to style font icons.

The custom font Ia€™m using comes courtesy of the awesome Keyamoona€™s IcoMoon, which provides 300 free icons, and 622+ icons at the bargain price of $35. You may want to import custom made SVG icons, if nothing on the cost-free people tend to be functional, and you can explicitly map your own icons to Unicode figures. I let IcoMoon decide the mappings in my situation, and very quickly adequate got a perfectly functional pile of web fonts several good CSS preferences descriptions for using all of them, much like the productivity of Font Squirrela€™s Font-Face creator. Generally, we put IcoMoona€™s created CSS with few customizations. It generates some good sessions utilizing :before pseudo-elements:

Some Gotchas

Should you decidea€™re extremely rectal about pixel excellence, then chances are you probably should put vectors behind today and get back to your Photoshops. In case youra€™re however inquisitive, several things to note.